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Author Topic: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle  (Read 61846 times)

Robert Neville

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Re: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle
« Reply #9180 on: March 26, 2018, 05:58:20 pm »
Corrierino’s open again so if you all want to make accounts there you should do so before more bots cause them to close their doors again.

I checked it out the first time you suggested it, and like Dylan, I am not that impressed. A closer look revealed that it's GD's off-site forum, active since 2010. (A fact which partially explains their post count clearly dwarfing ours.) Given that Kashmir had by far the best relations with GD at the time when we were all "DVD Discussion" people to them, it makes sense that he found out about this, too.

Now, I think it might be time for me to share here a bit of forum trivia no-one else here may have known of.  Seeing GD's secret forum had also reminded me of something I discovered back in mid-2014. For the latecomers like Raynor, that time was the interregnum when the individual movie forums we loved were killed off, and we weren't yet shunted off to then-vacant DVD Discussion forums, and so had been in conflict with both GD and OT. Well, most everyone else was: as usual, I was largely an irrelevant shadow in that drama, patiently waiting for it to end.

However, when Quite-Gone Genie (for Raynor et al; that's the mod we interacted the most with) revealed that he could read our "secret forums" (Godzilla, Bone Sickness and the like) all along, he also let slip in the moment of his triumph that they had something similar. I don't think anyone else picked up on it. However, I soon ran a few searches and discovered OT's secret off-site forum, Kateland, which was also used by RT-related people like Fujitani. Not much went on there at the time, except for the threads dis(cus)sing us in general and Diego in particular. If you are interested, here they are:

First reactions (includes Fujitani's posts)

One about our wiki

Associated posts

So, there's that I didn't post it at the time, because I knew it would cause then-dying-down conflict between us to boil over, and very likely result in us all falling under the banhammer. Then, other things happened, and I simply forgot all about it, up until the recent events. For better or worse, they probably forgot much of it either. Then again, given that half of those posts are a hate circle-jerk targeting Diego alone (with an honorary mention for Flounder when they assumed his Trollfighters' screenplay was Diego's), they probably never remembered most of us present today in the first place.


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