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Author Topic: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle  (Read 61143 times)


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Re: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle
« Reply #9340 on: June 17, 2018, 05:35:38 pm »
Well, your tweet directly implied the guy died, which thankfully doesn't seem to be the case, so that was the main complaint; saying it was "household chemical" rather than poison would have made it clearer he could have survived.

And honestly, there's a reason I avoid Twitter (only reactivated account now to see if the stalker could be engaged with.) I typically don't want to wade through internecine conflicts of low-grade people, and if this case didn't have such serious circumstances, it would have been no different. Having said that, one side appears to offer more solid proof (40m. video) of their case, so that should at least be considered if you are serious about this.

Also, this isn't the end of the story. Since he's apparently going to pull through, the question is whether he is now treated in a public hospital or somewhere private. This is important, because the former obviously means he's already under control of the authorities. Since those last few tweets drew no attention to this it appears that he's either a) in a private one and somehow still hidden or b) he lives in the majority of Indonesia where it's technically legal to be LGBT and his main concern was the shame and other repercussions from the community.

I didn't mean to imply that he died. I figured it'd be easy to see he had survived by just following the link. So now not only does he need his stomach pumped, but he's got everything else to deal with. Also, I've read the comments saying that he was doxxed by commies as well, but at that point who cares? Same type of crowd anyway.

Have you watched any of that video? I've skipped around in it; it's basically just a few guys clicking through Twitter for 40 minutes, snorting, coughing, and saying "fuck." Reminds me of an Aaron production.

Regardless, I've just followed the guy on Twitter. If/when my account is confirmed, I'll be able to see his tweets for myself and view whatever comments he got leading up to this. So I'll get to the bottom of it.
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