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Author Topic: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle  (Read 61730 times)

Charles Longboat Jr.

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Re: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle
« Reply #9340 on: July 02, 2018, 03:07:43 pm »
Howís life been, Raynor?
Alright. Finals are ongoing and I need to submit an essay 4500 words long for Wednesday, as well as so an exam on another class on the same day, but once done, Iím pretty much free for an entire month.
Regarding film, I havenít been able to watch any movies as of late. The cable that connects to the TV inside my room has been cut since February once we changed our Internet provider, and while I could use the other TV that itís next to my room, my little brother monopolizes the fuck out of it to watch whatever shitty youtuber heís subscribed to. To add salt to the wound, I bought a bundle of Age of Empires 2 HD with all the expansions in the latest Steam sale and Iím having a blast with it, and occupying the free time I dedicated to watching films.

But yeah, thatís that. Iím looking forward to First Reformed, but Iím pretty sure itís not on the billboards yet.
Good luck with finals/the essay. I have to start a Common App essay over the summer for college applications. I am also at a crossroads over which math class I should take, because I'm trying to self teach myself calculus to no avail while slowly accepting the reality that I have never been a STEM student.

Definitely check out First Reformed. I could see it remaining my top film of the year. You might also like Hereditary.


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