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Author Topic: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle  (Read 61674 times)

Jed Groff

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Re: 2 Fudge 2 Knuckle
« Reply #20 on: March 25, 2015, 06:58:10 pm »
So, for those of you who know about that very unattractive girl who asked me to prom and who I was forced to turn down because I can't look at her for 3 unbroken seconds without cutting myself..... well, I just found out (in a very unfortunate manner, I might add) that a friend of mine told her that I said I rejected her because she was ugly (a true fact.... but one I wanted to keep between me and the friend, of course). So now I've got a half-deaf, friendless, horribly sad, very unattractive girl who has added me onto her list of things in her life that make her very depressed.

: (

I've been feeling pretty bad about it all day. I skyped with Goldblum about it earlier today. Very chill guy and all..... but I'm not sure he's exactly the emotionally-helpful type.

You should go up to her and tell her your friend is lying.  Then say that you rejected her because you're gay and you're bringing your boyfriend, Graham Vert, to prom.
No, she's friends with a girl that a dated a few years ago. A gayness claim would have been pointless.


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