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Author Topic: MWO Movie News, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company  (Read 20676 times)


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James Gunn fires by Disney for crass tweets from a decade ago. No word on the yes man (or woman) theyíre replacing him with for GotG 3.

I read his apology statement; Although one probably has to take it with a grain of salt I canít help but wonder if society is losing the ability to forgive/give second chances if someone is genuinely trying to improve upon past mistakes - even if said mistakes are hard to defend while being innocuous overall.

Those tweets were pretty wild. I have no idea why he didn't delete them. I mean Disney is a company that he works for at the end of the day and any other company would have done the exact same thing if it were some regular employee who had those same exact tweets.
Disney certainly has the right to fire him, though it is strange that they only now chose to give him the boot rather than do some sort of PR background check before letting him write and direct two of their films. I suppose nothing can be done about it now, as his career is likely tarnished for the foreseeable future.

Who do you think should replace him? Iíve seen a lot of enthusiasm for Taika Waititi (who seems like the best choice of the more plausible picks) and Edgar Wright (even though thatíll never happen).

Waititi could certainly handle the reigns of GOTG for sure. Edgar Wright too of course, but I doubt he'd ever give Marvel another shot again. I think Waititi is their best option tbh.


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