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After this, which exciting new Tut University course are you looking forwards to the most?

A History of Cults in America (with emphasis on Nolan and Snyder)
4 (36.4%)
Classical Literature that will probably be remade in a film starring Benedict Cumberbatch
2 (18.2%)
Star Trek: The Original Series 101
3 (27.3%)
Spanish 101 with Jim Raynor
1 (9.1%)
Art History
1 (9.1%)

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Author Topic: Why Marvel is Destroying America: Taught by Professor Tutweiller  (Read 2894 times)


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I mean, I agree with a fair amount of your critiques (although I tend to enjoy these movies as action fluff) I just don't agree with your premise. People have been making noise about the end of culture since culture has existed. Hell, people probably said the same thing about Star Wars 40 years ago. Marvel movies may not be great films but they're entertaining and people enjoy them. While I won't lie and deny that some of the adoration I've seen for these movies isn't over the top to an insane degree, at the same time I understand why people looking for action entertainment would be really into these movies. I think it's just hard to remember sometimes that not everyone watches movies with the same critical eye that people on here have. Most people just watch movies to have a good time in those two hours they're in the theater.

Yeah, that's fair. People have been crying wolf about this kind of thing for a long, long time now, so I don't expect everyone to agree with me on how big the repercussions of this could potentially be. I will say this, though-- the difference between the overall quality of big-budget films and the amount of money they take in has never been this disproportionate before. Over the past sixteen years, blockbuster filmmaking has gone through a remarkably negative transformation. And with regards to your last sentence... I'd argue that most people are idiots.

Wow, my wording of that sentence was a horror show of awful. I was trying to get across that when you're talking about Deadpool alongside the MCU films, it ended up giving me the feeling that you believe Deadpool took place in the same universe as the MCU, when it doesn't since it takes place in the new X-Men continuity that was created in Days of Future Past.

If all of this comes across as stupid, I apologize and will politely shut up in regards to this matter.

No, I understand what you're saying. But I'm not thinking in terms of "cinematic universes" here so much as I'm considering the broader category of franchises that Marvel is currently churning out. That includes the MCU, the X-Men films, and maybe the Amazing Spider-Man movies (though it seems we're not getting another one of those again, thank God, so I may just ignore them). The title of this thread is in the present-tense, remember, so I'm not going to go back and pick apart something like the 1990 Captain America. I've set myself a statue of limitations here. While I no longer need to really care about something like Affleck's Daredevil due to its slow slide into irrelevance, I am definitely going to be attacking Deadpool-- the highest-grossing R-rated film ever, which came out this year.

You might end up noticing, though, that this is primarily directed towards the MCU and not the X-Men films (excluding Deadpool)... as will be evidenced by the next installment.


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