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Author Topic: The 2018 US Midterms and Goober-natorial Elections Thread  (Read 496 times)

ChillinDylan Godsend

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Once again - your partisan goggles have prevented you from reading what I actually wrote.  I'll make it easier for you:

"I generally prefer the more centrist of the candidate pool - unless someone really sticks out to me in a good or bad way."

There are 2 choices in this race.  Rick Scott or Bill Nelson.  Bill Nelson is horrible - meaning...he sticks out to me in a bad way.  So, by process of elimination, I am voting for Rick Scott.

Do you understand now?

I think he just found it funny that you said you support centrist candidates, right before you turned around and went for swamp-boy Scott over moderate Nelson.

"Moderate"?  Yeah, no.  Not moderate.  Flip-flops? Sure - sometimes sides w/Reps because that's the way the wind blows.  But this guy is heavy weapon-ban and is dripping w/love for Muslims above Americans at every turn. He's awful. 

And, again, if you don't read entire sentences, it's very possible you might miss the entire thought of an individual.

Just any Muslims, or Muslims that happen to be American citizens themselves?

The one that shot up the Pulse night club - said he was a "lone wolf" and had nothing to do with Islam before all the evidence came out to the contrary - wouldn't even mention the word Jihad or Muslim when be pressed on the issue and his erroneous assumption that this guy was a lone wolf that had no other agenda.  Then he said it was a gun issue and we needed to ban all assault rifles.  Also had fundraisers and campaign contributions directly from CAIR - which has ties to Hamas.  People here (at least in my area which is near Orlando) were PISSED for the reason I stated before. 

I wonder what you would think of Putin if I told you we had a law passed prohibiting the media to mention criminal suspect's religion under any circumstances more than a decade ago, and he stated at the time, "It doesn't matter what they [the terrorists] have in their heads, what matters is that they decided to start killing about it?" (Paraphrasing from my memory since it was a while ago.)

And the thing is, it worked, though in conjuction with a range of other measures. We went from the horrible situation at the end of the (2nd) Chechen war, to basically no attacks for almost five years, before the one in my city a year ago. It was responded to with little hysteria: instead of endlessly debating what exactly Muslims need to do and what kind of denounciation they need to offer, the reporters just observed as the security agents raided just about every immigrant hideout in Spb with little fuss, and detained basically everyone the guy ever knew. They ended up with 20+ arrests, smashing that cell and showing to all others they'll only ever get one shot before the same happens to them, so they better forget their jihad dreams and cooperate with all the Putin-approved mosques he (or Medvedev, or other officials) visits every year or so instead.

I've actually advocated for the media refusing the release the name of the mass killer.  A lot of this (corroborated by notes left behind in some form) is to become infamous.  If the media was banned from ever mentioning the name of the killer, then this would become much more difficult.  This takes it a step further from Putin's outlawing mentioning the religious aspect of the killer, but it is along the same line of thought.  Withholding the killer's name in any way, shape, or form not only keeps that single person from becoming infamous, but would also keep any other motives and propaganda from being involved.  If the media only says "a shooting took place at so and so that killed 10 people", that would HELP eliminate some of this crap.


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