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Author Topic: The 2018 US Midterms and Goober-natorial Elections Thread  (Read 497 times)


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You were taking a small snippet of "uninsurable" when considering old homes in our very low lying state.  I made a similar analogy to high risk fire areas in California.  I didn't misinterpret your point - you tried to push a narrative that simply doesn't exist - and you don't realize that because you don't live here.  Of course there are some uninsurable parts of Florida - we live in a friggin swamp.  Those low lying areas have been and will continue to be uninsurable, just as the high fire risk areas in Cali will be uninsurable.  Not sure why and how you can't see that.  And saying 90% of the state is on the coast is friggin insanely dumb.  I don't know if it was an attempt at humor or a typo or something - but it's basically the exact opposite of that.

As far as the Rick Scott thing - you continue to miss my point that I am voting for Rick Scott because of my disdain for Bill Nelson.  I don't know how much more clearly I can say that.  It's my prerogative to vote against somebody I don't like, and I will continue to exercise that right.

If you believe what Cutler says, that's on you.  I believe he also told you I was a racist.  So I'd suggest maybe not lending credence to somebody who intentionally stirs up shit at every opportunity.

Yeah, we know-- and you voted for Trump because of your disdain for Clinton. Convenient how this allows you to avoid defending the person who's actually getting your vote. And what "narrative" did I try to push there? My point was that Scott actively silences climate science, even while his state is uniquely vulnerable to the ravages of climate change. That's demonstrably true. There was no reason to bring California into this, because I was talking specifically about the fact that Scott is burying his head in the sand-- something California politicians aren't doing. Stop evading the question and have the balls to actually respond to my criticism of your chosen candidate.

90% was a playful exaggeration to ease the tension. But it's worth noting that upwards of 50% of Florida's population will be in direct danger due to sea level rise in the coming decades.

For the record, Cutler only told us that you said BLM was worse than the KKK.

So you didn't read any part of his gun stance I pointed out, huh?  Go back and read what I wrote.  And "widely accepted" doesn't at all mean "accurate".  I live here.  He's not well liked for a reason.  And the Muslim thing runs a lot deeper than what you and Diego are trying to couch it as.  Beyond that, my original point was I usually gravitate towards the more center candidate unless someone sticks out in a really good or bad way FOR ME.  Nelson falls into the latter FOR ME.  If you can't accept that, then that is your problem.  Trying to paint me as a conservative when all evidence is to the contrary makes you look pretty foolish tbh.

If I recall, you dislike the NRA and think that people on the terrorist watchlist shouldn't have guns. Why is this issue suddenly so important to you?


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