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Author Topic: The North Korea thread (aka We Need to Talk About Korea)  (Read 246 times)

ChillinDylan Godsend

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It seems to be more based on principle than any concrete action, but this is a pretty cool early birthday present. Of course, I'm not particularly well versed in foreign policy so some of you guys may know more about the implications than I do.

I stayed up way too late last night watching this - mostly because it's simply history.  I think the outline for complete denuclearization is in its early stage, but I was pretty impressed that they were even come to some sort of signing pledge with actual goals outlined.  Now, CAUTION - North Korea has promised stuff before and has not come through.  So this is a first step, nothing more.  I know the crazy progressives want to crush Trump no matter what, and the alt-right want to hail this as a done deal.  As always, both sides are wrong.  There is a lot of stuff to get ironed out, a lot more meetings to be had, a lot of deadlines to schedule and be kept, and we have 2 leaders who can fly off the handle at any time.  So to say that there are potential potholes down the road is putting it mildly.

But, this was a positive first step - no matter what the MSM wants you to believe.  North Korea's development of nukes with Kim Jong Un as its leader has scared the crap out of me for quite a while.  I have advocated military action in the past to "remove" him as a leader; and, if it comes to it, I would still advocate that.  But, if a diplomatic solution can be had, I absolutely think that's the right way to go.  I was all for Obama talking with Cuba.  I think MEETING with other leaders to try and come to fair agreements is pretty much always a good idea.  I do NOT, however, agree with making a deal just to get a deal done (Obama with Iran comes to mind).  If we start bending over and giving North Korea stacks of money or lifting sanctions before they have done anything real, I will be pissed.  I don't mind the US/South Korea suspension of testings, because we could overpower them so quickly it doesn't even matter - and we can start the "war games" again immediately if need be.  But I would hope we don't GIVE them anything tangible until some of these outlined goals start to be achieved.

I am encouraged that Mike Pompeo is meeting with the North Koreans next week to start hammering out more of the specifics.  I do like Mike Pompeo quite a bit so far.  I do NOT like John Bolton (who is accompanying Pompeo on the trip).  I fear that he could screw the whole thing up. 


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