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Author Topic: The North Korea thread (aka We Need to Talk About Korea)  (Read 274 times)

ChillinDylan Godsend

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It seems to be more based on principle than any concrete action, but this is a pretty cool early birthday present. Of course, I'm not particularly well versed in foreign policy so some of you guys may know more about the implications than I do.

I'm consulting the ROK press again. So far, there's this on Korea Times, and a piece by a guest Indian commentator, with a pointed barb at a lot of people you may personally know:

"However, it would be inappropriate to judge the summit in hurry. Actually from the very beginning it was expected that if President Trump got a "weak deal," his detractors would have said "we were saying so" and if he had got a "strong deal," they would have said that "it would be difficult to implement.""

Also, so far, it seems like Moon doesn't mind the end of the war games, contra some reporting from the US. It makes sense, considering that he may actually be one of the most pacifist world leaders today - maybe even the most peaceful one out of all the major economies.

I certainly like him quite a lot now - it's a pity that according to the same ROK press, his economic record is mixed at best. There's nearly 3% growth (that his detractors say is inherited from his jailed predecessor and is partly due to government's own spending), but also record-breaking inequality (that his supporters say was inherited.) His plans to raise the minimum wage seem to have a lot of detractors from business as well. On the other hand, South Korea is currently a place with 68 hour legal working weeks, which he's going to change to 52 hours, and which business also opposes, so one needs to take it with a grain of salt.

I have advocated military action in the past to "remove" him as a leader; and, if it comes to it, I would still advocate that.

Erm, with all due respect, are you one of those willing to bet all their artillery pointed at Seoul would magically fail to work once you did that?

I am encouraged that Mike Pompeo is meeting with the North Koreans next week to start hammering out more of the specifics.  I do like Mike Pompeo quite a bit so far.  I do NOT like John Bolton (who is accompanying Pompeo on the trip).  I fear that he could screw the whole thing up. 

I remember I read speculation that Pompeo is eyeing a presidential run in the 30s or so, and so he would rather not have his record permanently tainted with a war. Even so, his ultimatum to Iran was still ridiculous - even The American Conservative (which remains the only us-right publication I like) pointed it out many times.

Dude - I am WAY too baked to cut the snippet out of this big reply (maybe you can do it for me).  My point regarding North Korea was - we CANNOT let him get nukes capable of reaching the US mainland.  Whatever we have to do to stop that is what has to be done.  Our "ignorance" of them for the past decade plus was insane imo.  Continually saying "we denounce this" did next to nothing.  So, YES, if we had to remove him by force because there was no other way to keep him from developing accurate nukes, then so be it.  And I understand the South Korea argument - but if you think that we couldn't devise a way to take him out without him being alerted, I believe you are mistaken.  Futhermore, if we did annihilate him with bombs, his first thought wouldn't be "well I definitely need to blow up South Korea" - his first thought is "oh shit, I'm fucked, how do I save myself".  Also, there is a gap of space between the MDL and Seoul - and the rest of the population is much further south.  The lack of accuracy of the North Korean rockets (currently) makes it much less likely they are able to pinpoint much of that population.

Now, that being said, of course there would be casualties.  Which is why I was all for Trump meeting with him.  I really, really hope this works.  I'd probably give it about a 25% chance at this point given their past record.  But North Korea being able to develop ICMBs with pinpoint accuracy CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be allowed.  I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but it's where I stand and I'm not moving off of it.


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