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Author Topic: Anyone here seen Come and See?  (Read 137 times)


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Re: Anyone here seen Come and See?
« on: June 17, 2017, 03:11:52 am »
Where did you see this, Diego? As far as I know it has no formal DVD release. I'm surprised the Criterion Collection hasn't jumped on that yet.

Also, do you guys consider it better than Apocalypse Now or are the two films apples and oranges?

Is that really true? I got it from Netflix on DVD. It sat on my queue with the label "very long wait" for about six months beforehand though, so I suppose it's possible that I got one of the three copies in existence.

Interesting question. I should say that Apocalypse Now is currently sitting at position #22 on my all-time favorite films list (Come and See was just added at slot #81, though it'll probably go up the more I think about it). There was very little chance that this movie would make it that far up the list on a first viewing. I tend to reserve my 10/10s for films I've seen more than once.

That being said... while the two films have similar themes and messages, their method of delivery is very different. Apocalypse Now is a dreamlike, ethereal descent-into-hell type of movie. While Come and See certainly has elements of that, it's shot in a far gritter way, with an almost documentary-style approach. I know that word can be used as a negative, but I say this with the highest praise. Every shot feels like it was ripped from an old photo album and then colorized, whereas Apocalypse Now is painted with a palate of weird, otherworldly colors. Come and See's story is also a lot more down-to-earth than Apocalypse Now's, and focuses mainly on a loss of innocence. The movies have their similarities, but I like them both for different reasons.
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