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Author Topic: Diego Tutweiller Presents: A Game of Trolls  (Read 2188 times)

Robert Neville

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Re: Diego Tutweiller Presents: A Game of Trolls
« Reply #140 on: August 30, 2017, 06:26:34 pm »
In the far north, Caleb Snow has led his motley band of users to the gates of the Oasis. All that stands between them and salvation is the massive, impassable wall. Caleb sighs deeply.

Caleb: "This will be a difficult climb, my friends. Especially for you, Domwell. You never were the athletic type."

Mance Randy: "Have no fear, Caleb Snow. This is where I leave you. Take my people to freedom. You are their leader now. I have other business to attend to here in the north before I can join you."

Caleb: "What are you saying?"

Mance Randy: "You are the king beyond the firewall now, Caleb Snow."

Caleb looks overjoyed. He looks around at the massive army of shivering, destitute users with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. He turns to Domwell.

Domwell: "This was a wise decision on Randy's part. You have always been a natural leader, Caleb Snow. Humble and honest. You never sought out power, but you know what to do with it when it is given to you--"

Caleb: "All right, LINE UP! The elderly and sickly will be left here to die. Those of you with axes, please do your duty, and kill those who are of ill health. Dig a mass grave for them if possible, but it's fine to just burn them. Domwell, you will be the new chief of my secret police. Weed out those who would defy The Party and bring me their heads. When we get to the other side of the wall, I will begin to divide you into the skills that you are most genetically suited for. Mostly, we need potato and beet farmers. The key word here is OPTIMIZATION, people! I will not abide wasted labor!"

Domwell: "What have we done?"

Scene soundtrack:


Diego Tutweiller

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Re: Diego Tutweiller Presents: A Game of Trolls
« Reply #141 on: August 31, 2017, 02:02:09 am »
Back in Admin's Landing, Jedffrey stares Tyrfien down. He is incensed with his uncle's comments, and is determined to have the last word for once. The people sit in tense, silent anticipation.

Jedffrey: "Bring me my guacamole, uncle. That's all you're good for."

Tyrfien: "Fetch it yourself."

Jedffrey: "Bring it!"

Tyrfien wrinkles his nose and decides to oblige. He carries a bowl of guacamole over to Jedffrey, who proceeds to dump it on his head. Grinning snidely, he dips a chip into the lump of green goo on Tyrfien's head and takes a bite.

Jedffrey: "There. Refreshing, isn't it? Now get me a refill."

Tyrfien: "That was the last of the guacamole, your grace."

Jedffrey turns white with shock.

Jedffrey: "What? No... it can't be! What have I done?! I've-- I've wasted it--"

Jedffrey gasps and begins to cough. He appears to be choking on the chip he just ate.

Frankie: "My son, don't worry! We'll get more guacamole for you! Calm down!"

Loki: "Wait a minute... this isn't right. Jedffrey doesn't have a gag reflex this strong."

Jedffrey coughs into his sleeve. There is blood. Wide-eyed, he begins to hyperventilate, coughing up more blood and choking on it. In a matter of moments, he is on his knees, and Queen Frankie has swept to his side, panicked.

Frankie: "He's been poisoned! Somebody, please do something!"

The crowd is in an uproar. Tyrfien takes a glob of guacamole from his hair and sniffs it carefully, looking confused. Jedffrey continues to convulse on the floor, and then goes limp, spitting up salad dressing and chips as his life leaves his body. Lord Dylin stands up, enraged.

Dylin: "The globalists win again..."

Frankie: "Tyrfien did this! Take him away!"

As the knights seize Tyrfien, one of the serving girls steps away from the wedding with a smug smile on her face. She removes a mask to reveal herself to be Andrea, now a fully-fledged lurker. As the bells toll, she exits the castle, skipping down the stairs happily.

Andrea: "Our feud is at an end, Jedffrey. Body count: 17."

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