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Are y'all still gonna see this dumpster fire?

I'm seeing it opening night!
1 (25%)
I'll probably see it in theaters... eventually.
1 (25%)
I'll rent it on DVD. Disney has let me down thrice now.
1 (25%)
I'll pirate it. I refuse to give these corporate shills more of my money.
1 (25%)
I refuse to see this film.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 3

Author Topic: Disney's™ Marvel's™ Han Solo™ Solo Standalone Film: A Star™ Wars™ Story  (Read 581 times)

Crohn's Boy

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Quote from: Charles Longboat Jr. link=topic=4888.msg140932#msg140932 date=1527435403

This couldn’t even break Justice League numbers on opening weekend[/url]

I find a comparison with Rogue One more illuminating - it got around half of its domestic numbers, and less than half of its international ones. It's still tracking for around $550 million worldwide total, though, which, lest we forget,  is below Suicide Squad but above Fury Road and Edge of Tomorrow.

I was going to say that's not literally a flop - not unless they were insane enough to give it a ~200 million budget. From the way it looked, I assumed 150 million - the budget of Fury Road, Edge of Tomorrow, Jurassic World, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, etc. Then, though, it turned out Rogue One did cost $200 million, and this thing might have gone up to 250 million after Howard's reshoots. So, yeah, it's basically flopping, and the perennial Scott Mendelsonn agrees.

Despite this being a pretty dismal opening weekend, I think there's a chance to make up some lost ground next weekend, as there isn't really anything new to threaten it, and Solo got a decent A- cinemascore. Not sure what kind of total numbers it would need to be considered a success, though.

It opened on Memorial Day weekend, which makes its opening weekend number inflated, so it'll probably drop more than 55% next weekend.  And then it faces competition from Ocean's 8, Incredibles 2, and Jurassic World 2 in back to back weekends, so I doubt that it really goes much higher than $200M domestic.  It'll probably make less than half of what Phantom Menace made...in 1999.

What I'm saying is that theres a chance for it to not have a huge drop next weekend, as nothing is really coming out to compete with it. Also, Phantom Menace is not an apt comparison. 16 years of anticipation > 5 months of anticipation for Han Solo's origin story.

It's not whether or not Solo is a good comparison to Phantom Menace.  The fact that it'll make less than half of it in 1999 dollars with a budget that's nearly three times the size of that film is embarrassing.


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