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Are y'all still gonna see this dumpster fire?

I'm seeing it opening night!
1 (25%)
I'll probably see it in theaters... eventually.
1 (25%)
I'll rent it on DVD. Disney has let me down thrice now.
1 (25%)
I'll pirate it. I refuse to give these corporate shills more of my money.
1 (25%)
I refuse to see this film.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 3

Author Topic: Disney's™ Marvel's™ Han Solo™ Solo Standalone Film: A Star™ Wars™ Story  (Read 581 times)

Charles Longboat Jr.

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Opening at 71%. How far do y'all think this could drop?

So yeah, it didn't budge at all, one way or the other. Btw, the scores from Russian critics are so far second highest for all the Disney Wars, at 76 (that's a Metacritic-style score, not a positive/negative percentage), with Farce Awakens being at 80, Last Jedi at 73 and Rogue One at 72.

At the same time, Rogue One is by far in the userscore lead with 85, TFA at 76, and Last Jedi at 67, while this is currently at 78, but might well drop. Granted, not many people vote there (TFA had 77 user votes, RO 58 and TLJ 70), but it does concur with other opinions I have seen online or heard IRL, with nearly everyone putting Rogue One in the lead. I think this might be because it finally admitted rebels were just terrorists, which is what we thought all along. I suppose I ought to finally watch it, to see whether I would side more with the Oasis consensus, or that of our cinemagoers.

Also, it apparently opened below Deadpool 2's second week here, which is quite embarrassing.

Something else I have been wondering about recently: do you think its failure will also put the brakes on the Boba Fett movie, or does the Disney machine now have too much inertia associated with it?
They’ll probably just give all these upcoming films December releases and presumably double down on diverse casts or what not. For the Boba Fett film, for example, they might cast Daniel Logan (the guy who played kid Boba Fett in AotC) again and hype the fact that he’s Maori since modern Disney films love loudly pronouncing their progressivism in their marketing (hence the whole “Lando is pansexual” thing that was alluded to once in the actual film). Going forward they’ll probably focus more on America/Europe because China just doesn’t care about these films.

Of course, I could be wrong, and they’ll just repeat all their mistakes again and blame the alt-right or whatever.

Yeah, I still do not understand why they didn't go for the November/December release. I even checked releases for those months, and it still doesn't make sense: did they really think it would have a harder time competing with Aquaman and Bumblebee than with Infinity War, Deadpool 2 and their own franchise fatigue?

Now, while hoping that Episode IX flops is too much, do you think it now has a good chance of grossing below a billion? That would send a good message in and of itself, and may even get them to reconsider the "next trilogy" crap.
Responding really late here, but it’s essentially guaranteed to cross the billion dollar mark. Traditionally the second film in a Star Wars trilogy makes the least money while the final film surpasses it by a somewhat significant margin, and if the Last Jedi, for all its polarization, could pass that mark by $300 million, then Episode IX’s fortunes are looking rosy.

I could see its box office dipping a bit in America due to franchise fatigue but I think rather than bombing it’d more or less plateau out with a similar gross to TLJ a la the last Hobbit film.


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