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Author Topic: Isle of Dogs  (Read 275 times)

Robert Neville

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Re: Isle of Dogs
« Reply #20 on: May 15, 2018, 03:33:32 pm »
This movie certainly took its sweet time getting here. However, when I finally got to see it on Sunday, I can now just say I saw it over Infinity War. Since it's been more than a month since it released basically elsewhere, I think I can avoid spoiler tags.

In all, I'm currently leaning towards 6,5/10. Maybe it's just my perfectionist-who-never-gets-things-done side speaking, but I am always puzzled whenever a director first chooses one of the rarest, most difficult animation styles in existence, crafts an absolute visual (and auditory) marvel with it, only to then nail it to the scaffold of shopworn narrative shortcuts. Did we really need another hacker ex machina? Did we really need the conflict background reduced to a cats vs. dogs fable no-one cares about? And yes, did we really need another conspiracy theorist kid solve everything as useless adults look on?

Really, I think the Ohio girl's character deserves to be heavily criticised, though some of it is misplaced. To me, the problem is not that she's white or American, but that the good Japanese adults are so useless. The so-called "Scientist Party" does nothing but f*ck up (yes, they developed the serum - just to immediately give it straight to their enemies for no reason) so that the girl can spout off emotional rhetoric and conspiracy theories in their place, and then win. (If she were Japanese, or even non-white American, I suppose SJWs would have instead cheered her on as a reflection of themselves.) I kind of hoped the surviving scientist woman will be redeemed from her failure in the end...instead the most blatant deus ex machina I've seen in a while emerges just for the sake of a gag or two. (Seriously, why did they make little pilot the mayor? It's not like he's the only heir to all the Kobayashi conglomerate wealth regardless.)

Still, everything to do with, well, the Isle of Dogs plot itself is excellent. It speaks to the strength of the idea and the character relationships that I liked the film in spite of everything I wrote above.

P.S. Though, I'll say it was rather jarring how after the rest of the pack is seemingly diverted off to their deaths, both survivors just go "Eh, whatever." I get why Chief reacts in this way, but little pilot literally owes everything he's done on the island to them. That he seemingly forgets them so quickly unwittingly reinforces Chief's initial attitude towards him.) 
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