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Author Topic: Logan Lucky  (Read 234 times)

Nate Ellis

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Re: Logan Lucky
« on: August 19, 2017, 05:21:57 am »
The pacing isn't quite as tight as some of Soderbergh's other work, the camera holds a little too long during the dialogue scenes, (I heard he edited the dailies after shooting and even had a version of the film the night the it wrapped, so maybe that has something to do with it) and the film gets away with some product placement throughout because of the Nascar heist and probably based on how the film was produced. It all feels natural though, there's like zero cynicism for West Virginia and southern lifestyles.

Adam Driver is so damn good in it. I only saw bits and pieces of Paterson so I mainly know him from Star Wars but the dude was better than Daniel Craig in this.  Driver's performance and southern drawl is scary accurate and his delivery makes him seem like some iconic Coen bros. character. Channing is always great under Soderbergh. Seth Macfarlane is in this I guess, I don't hate him but he was **** terrible in this role. Whoever Tatum's daughter is in this is a stellar child actor.

The humor is a little bit referential but it does land almost every joke. While the editing wasn't super quick, it let most of the scenes breathe which really pays off when the movie wants you to care for its characters. I was having so much fun during the heist section that I was caught off guard by how seamless Soderbergh reintroduced an emotional moment. I was looking forwards to this and was still pleasantly surprised.
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