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Author Topic: Passengers  (Read 1029 times)

Kale Pasta

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Re: Passengers
« Reply #20 on: December 10, 2016, 11:38:12 pm »
...I'm kinda looking forward to this *hides*

At the risk of sounding repetitious....... why?
I like the two leads and the premise seems interesting enough that I think it'll be a fun time, if not necessarily great cinema.

I can understand Pratt, even if he's just a side character from a TV show who got incredibly overhyped, but Lawrence? Really? Paasche, please see the light. We need to all move past this as a species. Jennifer Lawrence has literally no appeal aside from being fairly attractive. She is not "down to earth." Her entire personality is a sham to appeal to self-conscious women who like pizza and fat dumbfucks like Dom Cobb who have been manipulated into thinking she's an icon of some sort by movies and tabloids. She makes up bullshit stories for talk shows that make her look like an idiot, and through her time in Hollywood she's developed a seriously awful personality that shows itself whenever she puts on her "relatable" act. As for her actual acting, it's never been anything but passable. She was all right in The Hunger Games, but once she became a star she ended up ruining all her movies with her drama queen crap (X-Men, anyone?). Still, they turned her into a central character because they knew it would put asses in the seats. Nowadays it's frankly quite obvious that the only reason she gets roles is because Tumblr has decided she's "quotable" and they want to see her in more stuff. At this point she could climb on top of her car, vomit, and push out a fat turd, and people would say she's "breaking down barriers."

She's two gluteal implants away from being a Kardashian.
I mean, Lawrence may be overhyped a bit at this point but that doesn't change the fact that she's charismatic and capable of an incredible performance. She was absolutely deserving of her Oscar and honestly I thought she should've won for American Hustle the next year. Sure it's a bit annoying that Mystique is now kind of the central character in the X-Men franchise but I can't blame her for the studio wanting to capitalize on her popularity. Fact is, I think she's a very good actress and I can see her and Pratt having good chemistry and making for a strong leading pair.
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