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Author Topic: Red Sparrow  (Read 219 times)

Robert Neville

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Re: Red Sparrow
« on: June 02, 2018, 12:40:25 pm »
Also, our websites can be similarly critical of our Defence Ministry-sponsored films, like last year's Crimea. Some memorable quotes from that time:

The position of the creators is crystal clear: Ukraine is a dumb broad, Russia is a guy with a big gun. War is very bad, and so the weakling should surrender without a fight. Crimea was reintegrated because we could, and so the director made the film because he could, as well.

In the end, the film that was supposed to return us to the euphoria of spring 2014 instead demonstrated a simple truth: we ran out of old arguments, and have no new ones.

Those were the apolitical websites as well. The opposition website (not the one I quoted above, but an older, more established one) demonstrated the kind of hysteria expected of them: the "review" begins by dedicating itself to the victims of Las Vegas shooting and "Russia is not a place for individualities and this film destroys individualities", and ends with "I didn't choose to be born (and I would have refused if I had the chance), but now that I'm here, I am ashamed to live here. Goodbye, reader. In all, a pretty good illustration why their favored candidate Sobchak got 1,5% in March, and why top pro-Kremlin commentator (who was deeply against Crimean reintegration up until it happened) can call like-minded people "2% of shit" without consequences.


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