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Author Topic: 2018 Russia World Cup thread  (Read 203 times)

Robert Neville

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Re: 2018 Russia World Cup thread
« on: July 06, 2018, 06:25:55 pm »
Well, damn, both Latin American teams are out of it now, and the final stage will be a purely European contest. I now feel France has an overwhelming chance of winning; I was always impressed by Uruguay's game, but theirs went beyond it. Their striker managing to basically take the ball off the goalkeeper nearly score it on the 50th minute was something on another level.

Brazil played an even more impressive game; even though I didn't want them to win as the most frequent winner, I have to admit no-one else was as exciting to watch. Even so, it failed to count where it mattered, and Belgium is through. Nevertheless, I would be enormously surprised if they managed to prevail against France.

Meanwhile, I've already expressed my thoughts on our game with Croatia tomorrow. The other match is between England and Sweden. To be honest, I haven't watched any games with either so far, so I have little to say about it. (Though, England barely winning against Colombia certainly suggests they aren't necessarily all that, and Sweden will have a real chance.)

I will say, however, that if we manage to advance past Croatia, the next match is bound to generate a ton of political headlines and speculation. In that case, we either play England, and it'll be seen as the "referendum" on Skripals, or we play Sweden, and things will probably be even more charged: all the progressives across the world are going to stand behind them, and all the traditionalists are going to align with us. The only other game potentially as interesting in this regard would be a final between England and France.


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