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Author Topic: NCAA Football Main Thread...  (Read 717 times)

ChillinDylan Godsend

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Re: NCAA Football Main Thread...
« Reply #80 on: January 13, 2016, 10:19:56 pm »
Suck it Chillin "SEC is overrated" Dylan.

Easy to win when the refs are paid off...
Easy to use the least legitimate excuse in the book when evidence disproves your beliefs...

The evidence is clear if you actually watched the game...
I watched most of it, didn't seem like there was much of a problem at all with the refs (although in all fairness I didn't see the fourth cause I went to bed).

1) End of 1st half - Clemson gets a 1st down at 25 yard line with 14 seconds left.  Clock is supposed to stop for the 1st down.  It does not.  Clemson forced to use final timeout as head coach screams at officials.  They do nothing about it.  Clemson misses the long FG.  Refs cost them 3 points.
2) 3rd quarter - Clemson throws perfect deep ball, and Alabama DB karate chops WR arm before the ball gets there.  No call.  Clemson gets FG instead of TD.  Refs cost them 4 points.
3) 4th quarter - Surprise onside kick.  The edge cover guy is 2 yards offsides when the kicker makes contact with the ball.  Clemson coaches go nuts.  Officials don't make the call.  Alabama scores a TD 2 plays later.  Refs handed Alabama 7 points.

So, right there, the refs caused a 14 point swing in the game.  It was as blatant as I have seen - and I watched the Sacramento vs Lakers fixed game 15 years ago...

Honestly, calling this game fixed is ridiculous.

Funny - these are the exact words people said to me 14 years ago when I claimed this game was fixed...I stood by my convictions then, I stand by them now...


Was 9/11 also a conspiracy?

I have no idea - I haven't studied it that much.  But I've watched sports my entire life.  And I correctly stated that the Sacramento vs Lakers game was indeed fixed despite everyone telling me I was crazy for thinking so.  So, you telling me the same thing really doesn't move the needle for me seeing as how I was 100% correct the last time I surmised that this was the case after watching a sporting event...
But the thing is, in the Sacramento-Lakers game, there was sort of "evidence" since the Lakers shot a shit load of free throws in the fourth. In the Alabama-Clemson game, the total penalty yards were 21-27. It's not like the refs were randomly calling penalties or anything like they were in that game 6 (or what it seemed like from the video I've watched, I didn't see that game live of course).

I've never in all my time watching college football seen a clock NOT stop after a first down.  And it was the "non-calls" on Alabama that made it so obvious.  The P.I. was blatant in the end zone.  There were other clear penalties as well, but that one directly cost them points.


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