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Author Topic: NFL Thread  (Read 809 times)

ChillinDylan Godsend

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Re: NFL Thread
« Reply #140 on: April 05, 2018, 06:43:47 pm »
RGIII signs with Baltimore.  Interesting signing.  If he's healthy, he's probably one of the better back-ups in the league.
I wish we had signed Kaep instead, but I'd still way rather roll with RG3 than fucking Ryan Mallet again so I'll take it.

Haha - they were going to sign Kap last year - then his gf posts on Twitter linking the Ravens owner to a slave driver.  Obviously, that ended any potential employment with the Ravens. 
Yeah that was so dumb lol. Amazingly, she still hasn't deleted that tweet. I'm just speaking from a production standpoint though, there was no way Biscotti was paying him money after that tweet.

Yeah that was uber-dumb.  I mean there was NOTHING to gain by it and, to make it dumber, Biscotti is the very first owner to hire a black General Manager and has stuck with him for the past 16 years.  So to try and paint him specifically as a slave-driver was beyond insane.

As to the production, I really don't think Kap is very good.  I think he WAS good before Defensive Coordinators figured out his game.  A lot of his success was based on an amazing defense, a very QB-friendly head coach, and a system that was still relatively new to defenses.  Much like the Wildcat, it simply didn't pan out as a long-term viable success.  Also, his skills started to regress - as they do eventually for all athletes - earlier than some.  Maybe it was all the running he did early on and took so many hits, but his movement skills just didn't seem the same in recent years.  In the games I watched the last 2 years he played, he generally really struggled through 3 quarters, then would have some stat-padding opportunities in the 4th quarters when they were way behind.  Still, these numbers are pretty rough...

Now, as far as signing him as a back-up...I simply wouldn't do it.  Everything you do in an NFL front office is merit-based.  A player is paid a certain amount as long as he is producing at a certain level.  That's why you see good players (Suh, King, etc) getting cut - because their high contract outweighs their production.  You also get players who are distractions (Marcus Peters) getting traded despite being really good players - because their distraction outweighs their production.  Which brings me to Kap.  The media frenzy that would occur if Kap were to be signed is simply not worth it because the massive distraction would outweigh his production as a back-up QB.  Moreover, the locker room would become fractured as there are many, many players (some of whom are afraid to speak up because of the SJW tidal wave) who are incredibly offended at the anthem-kneeling - not to mention his wearing of pig socks and referring to cops as "slave patrols".  So to sign a back-up QB with declining production, you would be inheriting a massive media frenzy along the lines of Tim Tebow AND you would be willfully fracturing your locker room.  It's simply not worth the hassle.  If Kaepernick was Tom Brady, you'd take all of those problems because the production would outweigh the distraction, but that's simply not the case with Kaepernick.

ChillinDylan Godsend

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