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Author Topic: The Official Movie Trailer/TV Spot Watching Thread  (Read 30739 times)


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Well, to be fair, I've seemed to have been greeted with nothing but hostility on this forum so far...

This happens every time we get a new user. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the ride.


I can confirm that he is not lying about his location. He is therefore not Aaron. I also sincerely doubt he is Zein (we never had Pigshit's IP address, but I doubt this guy is him for a number of reasons). If you think he's a weirdo or something, go ahead and talk about that. But there's no evidence to support the claim that he's either of those people.

Not saying he is Aaron, but it's pretty easy to change your IP address.  I can say I'm from the Maldives in an instant. 

Aaron was literally a retard. He couldn't change his underwear, let alone his IP address.

I think he did brag about having VPN's once.

An obvious lie. If he's had a VPN this whole time, why not do this months ago? Why keep trying to make accounts here using his NZ address? It doesn't add up. Plus, this guy has said nothing that couldn't be gleaned from Letterboxd. It doesn't add up.

What doesn't add up is him just happening by our site at random.  You saw what he wrote.  He just stumbled on our site once before and then came back x amount of days.  That throw up a red flag?  Last I checked, there was a link to this site on your Letterboxd.  You are the first person he ever followed. 

Listen, I can accept this happening once by chance (JackRuby).  Twice was pushing it (Jim Raynor).  But three times and I'm calling bullshit.  Hell, those two at least had a somewhat reasonable excuse for finding us.  No one just stumbles on our site.


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