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Author Topic: THE OFFICIAL MOVIE WATCHING THREAD  (Read 47709 times)


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« Reply #4000 on: October 05, 2017, 09:56:13 pm »
Battle of the Sexes was pretty good.
Huh. I figured you probably wouldn't enjoy this - it seems like it could be this year's Hidden Figures. I presume the performances kept it afloat?

The two are pretty dissimilar, honestly. This actually had good performances and well-written dialogue. Emma Stone is wonderful and her character is interesting and layered. There were some rough patches (everything spoken by Sarah Silverman, for instance), but it won me over in the end.

I also like tennis and play it fairly regularly, so that might be part of it. And I love Steve Carell. He brings a real vulnerability and sympathy to this role. He's really not that much of a villain; you get the sense that everything he says is to mess with his opponents and be a troll. The real villains are the guys in suits running the whole affair. Pretty well-done. I never got the sense that it was a liberal wankfest like Hidden Figures was.
Just when you thought Diego couldn't get any whiter.
You desperately need to go outside and rethink your life.

This is coming from the dude who tweeted like 20 replies to a fan-post asking for words that describe Jessica Chastain.
There’s a big difference between 20 replies and 3 replies. Fuck off.
CORRECTION: It’s 4 replies.

You’re still way off, Danny boy. If you’re gonna continue to use this shit against me, at least bother getting the fucking facts straight.

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