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Author Topic: THE OFFICIAL MOVIE WATCHING THREAD  (Read 49756 times)

Jeff Gold

  • Guest
« Reply #4060 on: October 12, 2017, 06:02:21 am »
A Ghost Story: 10/10
To be honest, the Beethoven monologue is one of the worst scenes of the year.
Did you ever land on a score for this one? I remember you saying that you were conflicted about it.
I've more or less settled on a B- (if numerical then it's either a 6 or a 6.5). There was a lot I really liked about the film (primarily its aesthetic and the first half), but it started to lose me by the second half (where the scene I mentioned occurs).

It probably deserves another chance though. Not sure how much of my perception would change between a couple months though.
I just saw this and I agree about that monologue. Such pretentious stoner BS that the movie tries to pass off as deep. I'm going to disagree with the first half being better than the second one since I thought that the first half was absolutely terrible. The amount of padding in this was insulting. A solid 15% of this movie is dedicated to Affleck and Mara kissing and Mara eating a pie. Lazy lazy filmmaking. It got better in the last 20 minutes but not enough to redeem an overall really boring film.
I guess my preference for the first half more or less boils to everything leading up to the monologue, which was the point the movie started to lose me; Generally speaking I was able to stay invested up until that point. I guess the last twenty minutes did start picking up again but by that point I had already figured out what was going to happen by that point (not to mention that it ripped off Interstellar without contributing anything to justify recycling that thread).

 I agree that the film was really overindulgent to its detriment though - I get that was the point because the film revolves around time, but having that indulgence only works if you have substance to maintain investment (I'll use 2001 as an example since I got some Kubrick vibes from the film in some spots; While it similarly has long scenes with little dialogue and emphasis on themes over plot, 2001's execution of that slow pace allows for awe since the events have more weight and because the symbolism and themes in 2001 are better articulated than "Time is big and scary so enjoy life even though I might be advocating nihilism for some reason").

 I already mentioned this to John, but were you bothered by the film establishing that
Spoiler (hover to show)

I want to love this movie but it's so frustrating. A24's had a bit of a spotty year so far (I still need to see Good Time, as I mentioned earlier), but hopefully things improve with The Disaster Artist and Lady Bird.
It came to mind, yes. It's an interesting visual having the ghost pick at the wall, but he could have gotten a knife and pulled it out so it doesn't really make sense. I'm glad you thought of Interstellar too. It's not a total ripoff but it does make you remember how that giant blockbuster was able to handle a similar set of scenes with more emotional impact than this art film. Both star Casey Affleck so maybe it's secretly a sequel!


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