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Author Topic: Lucas reviews films here - feel free to check in on how badly I'm doing  (Read 20 times)

Lucas Berrill

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Batman Begins

Characters - Bruce Wayne's journey from childhood into adulthood. As a child, he lost his parents to a mug shooting in an alleyway. That's when he got the idea to become "The Batman", as an act of vengeance for something he once lost.

Story - I'll be honest, here, the story in Batman Begins is, well, Batman's beginning, basically. The character of Bruce Wayne, as a child, growing into an adult to avenge his parent's death. "Batman begins". Some may say it's average, but, it's the works, really, in my opinion.

Dialogue - Some lines of dialogue written for some characters may not seem to work at first, but the more you get involved in the story "Begins" and the character of "Batman", it tends to work a bit more, you'll notice.

Cinematography - Some shots feel like they're taken out of an art gallery at points, even. The cinematography by Wally Pfister is Academy Award-winning, and for good reason, too. Mainly the shots of Iceland, Bhutan, standing in for The League of Shadows' mountain range, if you will, are indeed, beautiful, ya know?

Acting - An ensemble cast of actors including Christian Bale, as the titular character, Liam Neeson, as well, I best not say to avoid spoiling the plot for those who have not seen it. (Keep in mind, you guys, this was before Liam Neeson was doing all those god-awful generic action-thrillers you see these days) Katie Holmes is the weakest part of this film, actually. Part-Irish actor Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane a.k.a "The Scarecrow" is a perfect support villain for headlining the first film in a planned trilogy, actually, to be fair. Can't wait to see more of him in Dunkirk.  Gary Oldman plays the part of Commissioner Gordon perfectly, as a new cop who can't wait to get into cleaning up the streets of his home, the city of Gotham. Morgan Freeman basically defines the role of Lucius Fox in this film, as an old, retired, run-down gadgets expert who is finally in need of assistance again.

Only problems I really see for this film, starting out, at least, is that it is almost always overshadowed by The Dark Knight. I still, to this day, find it hard to come across anyone who compares the two without bringing up "The Dark Knight". People seem to forget, these days, you see. "Batman Begins" from 2005 was actually a very long time ago now, and after the disaster we got with Batman and Robin (1997), it was a welcome change of pace for, well, Batman, of course. Only a seasoned director with quick-to-gain knowledge of the coming 21st century, could pull it off this well, I believe. Directed by Christopher Nolan, ladies and gentleman.

Overall, "Batman Begins" is a hidden gem that seems to have been forgotten a decade later, more than it deserves I think, these days. And better yet still, it was only the start of even greater things to come...

8/10 film

(BTW) Do feel free to point out any petty errors and/or mistakes that I may have made. I am only just starting out here, you see...


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